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Community Education Town Hall Meeting

The City of Flint and the Flint Community Schools are excited to announce an upcoming joint project, an interactive Town Hall Meeting on the future of Community Education in Flint. On Saturday, June 7.  The format will be the same as was used March 2013 with clickers that will tally responses immediately.  A large turnout from community residents, students, stakeholders and leaders is hoped for. This workshop represents a critical step in establishing a true vision for community education in Flint – a key strategy in the Economic Development and Education chapter of the  Imagine Flint Master Plan. To register/participate in a “Community Conversation on Community Education” click here.

Crime Mapping in Real Time to go live with Flint data on April 1st.  Search Flint’s crime data information from this “real time” crime data information site.

Cities of Service Request for Resources Applications Available

With second year funding from a Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund grant to the City the Flint Blue Badge Volunteer Corps is focusing on both blight and emergency preparedness initiatives to advance public safety efforts in Flint.  $50,000 of the $100,000 grant will be allocated to the Love Your City (blight elimination) initiative. These dollars will be used to leverage additional resources from the City’s many Love Your City partners.  Any group of volunteers with a blight elimination project within the City is eligible to participate. This includes, but is not limited to neighborhood groups, block clubs and associations, community and civic groups, non-profit organizations, school groups or other interested parties.  Click here for the 2014 Cities of Service Request for Resources Application of Interest.

Flint Police Department

James Tolbert, Chief
210 E. 5th Street
(810) 237-6800

Blue Badge Service Centers

Ballenger Highway Service Center
1210 N. Ballenger Hwy
(810) 766-7149
Hurley Service Center
One Hurley Plaza
(810) 262-6988
Kearsley Park/Mott Service Center
1909 Kearsley Park Blvd., Suite 1204
(810) 235-5494
Kettering Service Center
1625 University Avenue
(810) 232-7746
Northside Service Center
4535 ML King Avenue
(810) 787-3718
Southside Service Center
3410 Fenton Road (inside Lincoln United Methodist Church)
(810)-228-3198 NOTE New Phone Number

Upcoming events

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Master Plan: Things You Can Do

15 things you can do to implement the Master Plan
1.  Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to get involved in the Master Plan.
2.  Reach out to a senior or mentor a young person in your neighborhood.
3.  Take care of the vacant property next to your house or on your block.
4.  Participate in a neighborhood cleanup in early May around Love Your City Month.
5.  Organize your neighborhood to take part in the Cities of Service Initiative.
6.  Join a neighborhood group to fight blight: apply for a mini-grant to bring resources for neighborhood improvement.
7.  Adopt a City park through Keep Genesee County Beautiful (810) 767-9696.
8.  Help make your neighborhood safer by joining a neighborhood watch, Flint Neighborhoods United, or the City of Flint Blue Badge Corps; report criminal activity to the police.
9.  Report blight and code violations to the City’s Blight Coordinator, Raul Garcia (810) 237-2090. Report street lighting outages to Consumer’s Energy  (800) 477-5050.
10. Participate in the City’s recycling program and contact Republic Waste Services (888) 872-7455 for a recycle bin; install a rain barrel or plant a rain garden to reduce storm water run-off.
11. Walk or bike whenever possible to improve health and reduce pollution.
12. Volunteer to teach basic skills to an adult; Be a literacy tutor or help an adult study for the GED.
13. Support neighborhood businesses and shop locally.
14. Hire a resident for a job opening in Flint.
15. Promote the City and its rich arts and cultural assets and attend Flint events.
16. Provide meaningful, solution oriented input (not complaints) during community meetings.

For more information contact Matthew Williams:  (810) 766-7426  Ext 3027 or

Quick Stats on Blight in Flint Today

  • There are approximately 22,000 vacant properties (lots and structures) in Flint today.
  • More than 20,000 vacant properties will need some form of blight removal in the next five years.
  • Once planned and funded demolition (through the Hardest Hit Fund and the Michigan Blight Elimination Grant) is complete, there will be more than 124,000 vacant lots in Flint.  One out of every four residential properties in Flint will be a vacant lot
  • Approximately 6,000 structures will need to be demolished over the next five years to eliminate blight (in addition to demolition already funded), at a cost of approximately $75.95 million.  71% of structures in need of demolition are privately owned.
  • Given current resources, there is a $102 million gap in removing blight over the next five years.
  • 90% of homeowners live in Traditional and Green Neighborhoods as designated with the new Master Plan.